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New To MBody Yoga ?

Get Ready To Build Strength, Focus, Stamina, and Flexibility

You are about to discover why so many students step out of our yoga classes with a huge smile on their faces. However, if you think the most important part of getting ready is already being flexible, you will find the secret to your success is in pacing yourself on this journey.

At MBody Yoga, we welcome beginners. All of our classes are designed for all levels of practitioners to participate. We encourage beginners to pace themselves in class, and, for best results, to complete 10 classes in 3 weeks. This creates a solid physical base and an intellectual understanding in which to continue your journey into strength, focus, stamina and flexibility.

In addition to our all-levels classes, we also offer Power Yoga Basics classes. These classes have the same standard flow as our all-levels classes but give particular emphasis to the foundational postures, deepening the student's knowledge of alignment and physical condition. Please check the studio location’s schedule for days and times.

Over the years we’ve learned that some of you will come to yoga fresh from running a marathon, while others may have just completed watching a marathon of television reruns. We have a class for each of you. Whatever you’re looking for it’s best to begin with our Power Yoga Basics Class, and if you’d like more guidance, our Client Care Advisors can help you create a personal schedule.

Each of our studio locations offers a unique schedule featuring the best loved and world-class trained teachers in the region and a wide array of membership and pricing alternatives to meet your budget — from a single drop-in class to family membership.

The Best Way To Start Your Yoga Practice — with an MBody Yoga Intro Session

Build a strong foundation for a life long, successful practice in this introductory session. This session is designed to accommodate students of all fitness levels, people with existing injuries, people who have taken a few yoga classes and people who have never set foot on a yoga mat. At the end of the Introductory Session you will have a clear understanding of what to expect when you go to class and how to choose the right class (our Client Care Advisors are always available to help you choose a class, whether you are a first time guest or a long time practitioner).

Click here to find out more about an MBody Yoga Intro Session near you.