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Corporate Wellness

MBody Yoga and its world-class instructors have provided corporate wellness solutions to several leading businesses in the Jacksonville community including Blue Cross Blue Shield of Florida, Vestcor Corporation and Lakeview Health Systems.

MBody ONSite

MBODY YOGA ONsite™ wellness solutions come in all shapes, sizes and varieties, just like your employees. The breadth and scope of our ONsite™ offerings ensure that your employees have ample opportunity to expand their knowledge of health and well-being. Many benefits of our wellness programs have been:

Our offerings take the breadth and depth of yoga beyond just a yoga pose — allowing each employee to apply specific techniques that they have learned in our wellness offering and apply it to their daily work and life experiences. We have developed unique and customized programs for our wellness clients that have included:

Our MBODY YOGA ONsite™ wellness solutions can be adapted for any group, large or small. If you want to get started or are looking for more information on how our wellness solutions can benefit your company, fill-out the following form and someone from our ONsite™ Wellness Team will contact you.

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