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MBody Yoga Teacher Training Programs
MBody Yoga San Marco
Jacksonville, FL

As part of MBody Yoga's dedication to the development of students and teachers, at MBody Yoga Jacksonville, FL, we offer two distinctly different, world-class teacher training programs - ATP, an Advanced Teacher Program. Both of these programs are designed to develop and empower the teacher as well as the student.

Whether you are looking for a personal growth program
or are interested in teaching yoga, our Teacher Certification
Program (TCP) offers an unparalleled experience of
transformation and life mastery. TCP is an introduction to
teaching Power Vinyasa Yoga and is a RYT-200
Yoga Alliance-Accredited Program.

For more detailed information about TCP, click here.

For teachers who want to advance their growth and skills,
The Edge, our Advanced Teacher Program, builds upon
TCP foundation and explores deeper levels of the inner
teaching landscape. This is a personalized, exploratory,
invite-only program for the advancement of teachers.
Completion of the MBody Yoga Teacher Certification
Program (TCP) is required to enroll in this program.
Continuing Education-Credit Eligible (CEUs=60hrs).

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  Teacher Certification Program

  ATP - Advanced Teacher Certification Program (70 CEU's)